Educational Tours

Educational Camps

At Discover Destinations we believe that our future is in the hands of our children. Schools and colleges provide an excellent source of education. However, we help school going children and college going youth experience the real world. Our professional tour organizers can customize your educational tours to fit your needs and help you weave your curriculum into your tours..We understand that when traveling, parents may be concerned about their children, their whereabouts and their activities. Rest assured, we will provide them with detailed itineraries and contact information so that parents and children can be in touch with each other.Some of our most popular destinations include:
Space camps at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and Houston
Photography expeditions
College visits
Grand Canyon
Washington DC
Alaska – the final frontier
Latin America – a culture untouched
We continue to develop new programs to enrich our children. Please check with us often to find out more about new itineraries. To customize your itinerary for children or young adults, call us and speak with one of our tour consultants.

Discover Destinations is certified by
Space Center Houston’s Space School &
Global Cooperative Challenge Programs

Discover Destinations Houston Space Center Certified